The Azanian Philosophical Society (APS) is a multi-disciplinary social sciences and humanities association. The focus of this association are the methods, traditions, intellectual history, and philosophical foundations of the human and social sciences including questions regarding the South African project itself. The association was founded to advance critical scholarship in these areas and to usher in an agenda for social justice in the philosophical projects underpinning our academic and social institutions.



The APS focuses on the philosophical underpinnings of the South African project from the point of view of the human and social sciences. The APS takes an ostensibly interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to the issues it tackles.  


The APS is based in South Africa and has a presence in South Africa's public universities among academics and students. Its members have an international footprint and affiliates in academia and advocacy across the continent and diaspora. 


The APS is a vehicle for the promotion and development of African philosophy and African philosophical thinking in the humanities and social sciences, as reflected in the research that APS scholars do and their involvement in academic development and curriculum reform.